Tutorial: customize your bulk jars

Tutorial: customize your bulk jars

Have you decided to limit your waste by buying your groceries in bulk? Well done, you will see that you have everything to gain by limiting unnecessary packaging in your kitchen. A less full bin, better quality products and nicely stored, as long as you take the trouble to personalize your storage jars! No need to be good at calligraphy, just follow our instructions to highlight their content and congratulate you on your new habits.


- The template with the name of the food printed (Brusher typography) - Glass jars with their lid - A pair of scissors - Masking tape - An acrylic felt (or a porcelain felt for cooking if you want to be able to pass your jars to the dishwasher) with a 2 or 3 mm tip with a fine or beveled tip.

© Fleur Louis Budget: less than 10 euros with recovery jars Duration: 1 hour (+ possible cooking time)


1. Cut out the names of the food / ingredients in the template sheet.

© Fleur Louis 2. Glue them inside the jars (well washed and free of all traces of glue or label) with the masking tape.

© Fleur Louis 3. Using the felt pen, iron the letters transparently on the outside of the jar. Nb: if you wish, you can of course write directly freehand on the jars if you have a nice writing or that you are good at calligraphy. You can also choose another typography and print your own page of ingredients to store.

© Fleur Louis 4. Then let it dry. If you are using a ceramic marker to cook, follow the manufacturer's instructions for drying and firing times. Allow several hours of drying and approximately 30 minutes of cooking.

© Fleur Louis


All you have to do is fill your pots with your favorite seeds, cereals and groceries, and fill your kitchen shelves free from nasty packaging. A good way to combine decoration and ecology! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your achievements via our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!