6 decorative inspirations with dried flowers

6 decorative inspirations with dried flowers

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We thought them old-fashioned, old-fashioned, forgotten. Missed ! Dried flowers are back in front of decorative trends, from news broadcasts, from professional interiors to design catalogs ... What about us? We take inspiration from the good currents to slip them into the house, contemporary, industrial, romantic… or others!

1. Dried flowers with a contemporary spirit

The secret of contemporary dried flowers lies in minimalism. Exit the carnival of colors, the giant bouquet and the complicated shapes: we opt for a beautiful smooth and design vase, ideally in XXL version. We slide in only a few branches of dried flowers with a sleek look, and we choose a monochrome color theme or, in shades, in monochrome. The unbreakable contemporary decor trend? White, of course.

2. Dried flowers with a vintage spirit

In the vintage family, we found THE decorative combo that works every time: a pretty bouquet of dried flowers with round shapes, hydrangea type, in a must textured glass vase. If, in addition, you find a colored textured glass vase that contrasts with the color of the dried flowers, well done. And we offer everything in a palette of soft shades, from powdered pink to almond green… Too soft? We put the vase near accessories with more frank colors or metallic reflections to modernize the result.

4. Dried flowers with a romantic spirit

Difficult to make more romantic than dried flowers, provided you know how to dose them ... since the decorative risk is precisely the overdose! To avoid errors, we rely on the natural effect of small delicate bouquets, rather than a large pink bouquet in a porcelain vase. Planted in glass jars or covered with string, the dried flowers highlight the pink and blue colors with a romantic decor, without risking too much.

5. Dried flowers with an industrial spirit

And if we took the opposite of dried flowers, just to modernize them? A beautiful bouquet costs almost nothing, lasts a long time and adds a touch of sweetness to an industrial decor. We choose dried flowers with long stems for their graphic side, we attach them to the base with rubber bands to form several sheaves, then we slide everything into a minimalist glass vase. The transparency of the glass and the rural contrast of the dried flowers ensure with all the raw materials, from concrete to vintage wood through to metal!

6. Dried flowers with a country spirit

Again, the real challenge of dried flowers is to succeed in the first degree without going overboard ... and on the country side, everything is in the right measure. Good tips? We are happy of a single type of dried flowers rather than a compound bouquet, and a monochrome color rather than a rainbow. We will not surprise you by saying that the white, the blue of lavender or the natural colors like beige and cream make a flawless ... especially in a glass vase, especially in a rustic decoration combining patinated wood, white porcelain and lace refined!