Edible decorations: a Christmas decoration that can be eaten

Edible decorations: a Christmas decoration that can be eaten

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Christmas is approaching and the house is preparing to put on its festive clothes. To change the endless balls and garlands, why not opt ​​for a Christmas decoration that can be eaten? Small shortbread to hang in the tree, amber apples or edible centerpieces, dé makes you discover its favorite edible decorations.

Shortbread and barley sugar, treats in the tree

The main object of all our attention for the Christmas decoration is none other than the famous tree. The traditional Christmas shortbread or bredele, very popular in Alsace, are perfect for decorating the Christmas tree. You can make them yourself, it is also a fantastic activity to share with the family, young and old gathered during the holidays. The recipes and preparation are generally very simple, and on the hardware side, you just need a few special Christmas cookie cutters. Children love to knead the dough and cut out the figures: Santa Claus, fir, star or snowman. And when the time comes to decorate, everyone rivals ingenuity! Similarly, the barley sugar sticks, red and white, constitute an ideal Christmas decoration for the tree. For Christmas Eve, these candies take on a form of cane which is funnily practical for hanging on branches. A nice touch of color and a nod to children's souls. Remember to have some in reserve because gourmets will not be asked to eat them!

A fruity and spicy Christmas decor

The scent of oranges and tangerines is always reminiscent of the holiday season. These seasonal fruits scent the house, and make wonderful edible decorations. Placed on a piece of furniture or in a bowl, oranges with cloves, also called amber apples, subtly decorate and perfume a room. Already in the Middle Ages, home fragrances were made this way in princely mansions.

Pitted with cloves, orange will give your interior a holiday scent! To vary the pleasures, it is also possible to cut orange slices and let them dry to then make a garland or pretty suspensions to place in the tree. You can also combine cinnamon sticks, which recall the flavors of Christmas. By tying them with a string or raffia, you will get a natural, fragrant and elegant decoration!

Other edible decorating ideas

To brighten up your interior and put you in the Christmas mood, also consider decorating the center of your dining table. You can get started in making a chocolate tree using a specific mold, have a magnificent gingerbread house or a basket of papillotes.

Centerpiece in chocolate or gingerbread: a nice decoration that can be eaten For Christmas Eve, you can personalize the table plan by making shortbread letters in a cookie cutter, or even provide mini surprise bags to offer. Your guests will be delighted with this personalized and edible attention!

A decor that can be eaten safely

We may be very careful, our young children or our pets sometimes escape our vigilance. Christmas decorations often arouse their curiosity. The danger is all the greater since they put everything and anything in their mouths. In the evening, be sure to store all edible decorations such as the centerpiece in chocolate, a food dangerous for animal health. A solution that is more difficult to implement with the cookies that decorate the tree. If you value this decor, opt for a tip combining security and aesthetics: transparent balls. Put your cookies in there: here is a good way to keep the pleasure of pecking in the tree safe, for adults and children!

Edible decorations so pretty that it is better to put them out of the reach of children! In all cases, for optimal conservation, shortbread cookies are usually kept in an airtight metal box. As soon as they are used for decoration, they are only edible for a few days at most. The same goes for dried fruit. But rest assured, these decorative elements are very often victims of their success! Shortbread figurines to decorate the tree, natural garland with dried oranges and cinnamon, gingerbread house or even treats, these make gourmet ideas to decorate the house with beautiful and good things!