7 tips for storing children's toys

7 tips for storing children's toys

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Tip 1: sort the toys

As your child grows, stuffed animals, figurines and board games start to accumulate and the toy bins to overflow! The first tip is to start by sorting out the toys with your child. Ask him, once or twice a year, to tell you which ones he no longer plays with or which he no longer likes. Then give them: he will surely be happy to offer them to children who lack them. Or sell them if they are in good condition. You will be able to buy with the money thus gained a small more current toy which will please your toddler.

When toy boxes and baskets of all kinds overflow, it's time to sort!

Tip 2: teach your child to tidy up his room

And yes, your child will not necessarily know how to tidy up his room if you do not show him! Define the areas in which he has the right to bring toys because "No darling, the apartment is not your playground!". Give him ideas for storing his toys: either by category (figurines, board games, dinette, dolls, toy cars, etc.) or by type (all the cubes together, for example). This will help him to be more independent! Establish regular storage times so that he ritualizes the act and does it himself as often as possible. Also show the example: "You tidy your bedroom, and I the living room!" Finally, the ideal is to immediately remind him that when you have finished playing, you tidy up. It is often the easiest way to avoid large unpacking.

A bin with several lockers: one for books, one for stuffed animals ... To help him sort his toys. Smart and design!

Tip 3: Equip your child's room with accessible storage

Offer him storage at his height, adapted to him and modular. Lockers with baskets that are easy to take out and close, on wheels for example. Open baskets, accessible shelves, but also coat hooks on the wall, boxes to slide under the bed ... There is no shortage of storage solutions! Also think about establishing a color code: in the green box, the characters; in the yellow box, the dinette ... This can help him find his way!

The famous colorful trays signed Ikea, fun and easy to open to access the games in the blink of an eye! 89 € the staircase.

Tip 4: Labels to Help Your Child Tidy Up Your Bedroom

If you have several closed and non-transparent lockers, consider putting labels indicating what the locker contains. When your child is small (and cannot read), you can also draw a picture: a small car for the vehicle box, for example. Or simply take a photo of the content and stick it on the locker!

Putting labels on the boxes helps your child to store but also to find his toys in the blink of an eye. Give him the keys to a nickel room!

Tip 5: make storage a game

We know that what children like most is playing. What if, as if by magic, tidying up became a real game? It is possible to make pleasant this moment often lived as boring by the children. How? 'Or' What ? By cunning of course! For example, by creating challenge cards using small papers: note different games such as "putting away all the toys in less than 5 minutes", "tidying up her sister / brother's room as quickly as possible" ... You can create a small painting and after 10 challenges, the reward can be a bonus activity he loves (a cinema, an outing ...).

Ranger, it can also go through the game! Find the little fun tactics that work with your mini!

Tip 6: the bazaar

Provide him with an empty box that can be used as a transit area for toys before storage: your child will collect all the games he has just played with before carefully putting them away in their place. Do not hesitate to transform this box into a storage box on wheels to help it go from one space to another while saving time (and possibly, walk it around the rest of the house to collect abandoned toys. here and there) !

A watermelon case for all the bazaar to store. But you can also make one yourself with a wooden case, 4 casters, a cord and a touch of paint!

Tip 7: make him a storage card

Prepare a card for him to tidy up his room. He will know where to start and this can easily be transformed into a little game: 1. With check boxes (by him or by you) when he is finished, to be sure that you have thought of everything; 2. A drawing of the type of toys (stuffed animals and soft toys, books, board games, etc.); 3. Next to each drawing, a photo or the color of the destination box (if you have chosen this storage method). And last but not least, remember to congratulate him when everything is in order. You are happy, he feels valued and he will want to do it again next time!

To help your little one put away, choose different bags depending on each type of toy. A bag for small cars, a bag for stuffed animals ...