The cushion makes the decoration!

The cushion makes the decoration!

In the home, the cushion is one of the decorative accessories that you can change almost as often as you want. It easily creates the decor whether on the sofa or on the floor! Decryption of an accessory from our daily life.

Floor cushion

The floor cushion is undoubtedly the oldest form of the cushion. Already in the Middle Ages, we used some kinds of pancakes to sit on the ground, especially in the church. Today, the floor cushion is almost as comfortable as a traditional armchair. It allows you to sit outside with friends or around the coffee table for a casual meal. It is found in more or less large dimensions depending on its use: moment of relaxation or more conventional use. On the color side, the variations are endless!

Decoration cushion

The decorative cushions follow the fashion trend of the house. So we could see cushions in fur for the winter and others in liberty for the summer season. They sit on a sofa as well as on a bed and can completely transform the style of the furniture. So when you have a fairly simple sofa, you can customize it with colored or patterned cushions. As most of the cushion covers are quite inexpensive, we can afford to change them regularly to feel like we are changing the whole decor. Do not hesitate to play the accumulations for a very comfortable effect. Discover our selection of cushions for the home: Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"