Bring the magic of Christmas into your studio

Bring the magic of Christmas into your studio

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Living in a studio and seeing Christmas big, it's possible! We take stock of the best space-saving tips to blow the spirit of the holidays in its 15 square meters. Alternative tree, wall decorations, miniature accessories and lighting… Your Christmas decoration has everything great!

1 / Adopt an alternative Christmas tree

No question of capitulating on the Christmas tree on the pretext that its interior is XXS. With a little ingenuity and creativity, studios and good rooms gain originality in the decoration of large spaces. Of course, it is not a question of cluttering up with a real 2-meter-high fir tree - the chore of thorns no, thank you! - but rather to create your own little conifer. DIY wooden tree, wall tree, conceptual tree, revamped branches placed in a vase or luminous PYRAMID with LED are all ideas for making a small alternative tree worthy of the big ones.

2 / Bet on wall decorations or suspended

To create a small party universe in its small space, one of the golden rules is to bet on wall or hanging decorations. Advantage of wall trees, Christmas wreaths, hanging stars and other LUNA garlands? They heat the space without cluttering it!

3 / Play on the mini-decorations

Obviously who says mini-interior says mini-decorations. It is therefore not a question of inviting the large life-size bear of the icy forest in his living room but more the small GNOME (or the small squirrel) of the woods. Don't we say that what is small is cute?

4 / Think of abandoned spaces

Of course there are not many… And yet, if you look closely, the ceiling, the outline of doors, windows and furniture have a few square cm to accommodate a pendant light, a decorative garland, branches or your latest DIY creation?

5 / Put the light on the lights

Shoot your last card by playing on the Christmas lights! Lampions, lanterns, branches, curtains and MICROLED string lights make your interior shine. The Rockefeller center tree can get dressed!

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