Top 5 unusual habitats

Top 5 unusual habitats

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Living with the feeling of freedom, coexisting with nature, living in an extraordinary environment, making your daily life a nomadic adventure, being content with the essentials and saying stop to ultra consumption ... This is what these most atypical accommodation! Discover our top 5 most unusual habitats! So are you ready to change your life?

1. A tree house:

© Airbnb Living in a tree house is THE dream for all children! But many adults have made it a reality! It must be said, it does not lack advantages! Not only is the tree house economical, but it is also more ecological. In perfect harmony with nature, the wooden cabin hugs the tree that serves as a refuge! It allows you to gain height to be satisfied with the essentials… And what could be better than getting up every morning with the song of birds?

2. A Tiny House:

© Tiny House Baluchon Faced with hyper consumerism, more and more of us are turning to minimalism and self-sufficiency. The emergence of tiny houses is a perfect example. This micro-house has very little space but provides great freedom! Appeared for the first time in the United States, the tiny house's principle is to be mobile (we tow it behind a car) and ingenious in terms of layout (everything is thought to optimize the space as much as possible). With solar panels and a rainwater recovery system, the tiny house becomes 100% autonomous! And all these characteristics allow its inhabitant to enjoy a life of freedom…

3. A floating house:

© Airbnb Do you want to wake up in a calm and soothing environment with a view of the water? This is what floating homes offer! Beyond living conditions, this type of housing is above all a major ally in the face of rising sea levels. The Netherlands has made it a general accommodation and is an example in this area. Generally designed in wood, the floating house is placed on a platform, itself fixed to floats (concrete, plastic or aluminum). The good news ? Some floating house models allow you to be moved as desired.

4. A yurt:

© - This is another unusual accommodation that advocates freedom! Removable and reassemblable house that is traditionally found among the nomadic peoples of Mongolia, the yurt allows a lifestyle close to nature. Not to mention the economic argument related to self-construction. Indeed, consisting of a wooden frame and fabrics (usually felt), it is a very affordable housing. And what a joy to have been involved in building your own roof. We like its unusual shape which requires a layout, it could not be more, friendly and warm ...

5. A container:

© - Do you like the recuperated spirit and the adage "make new with old"? The container house is made for you! Born in the Netherlands (decidedly, this country is not outdone in terms of unusual habitat), the container house is nowadays more and more followers. The advantage? It is super easy to design and does not require heavy work since the heavy work consists only in creating foundations and openings. But above all, it is flexible as desired. And even the architects have made their playground! Imagine several containers nested to each other taking the form of a geometric house! Great, isn't it?