Our tips for storing coffee

Our tips for storing coffee

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You may not have known it, but one of the disadvantages of coffee is that it oxidizes very quickly and therefore loses its flavor. To overcome this problem, we have found tips for storing your coffee well, whatever the packaging. In bulk, in beans, in paper pods or in capsules, each coffee has its tip! Here are our recommendations for storing your coffee for as long as possible while preserving its aromas.

Store your coffee in an airtight container

Coffee is very sensitive to light, humidity and the atmosphere. In order not to lose its aromas, it is therefore recommended to choose well-packaged models, possibly with a valve, which will not allow air to enter the sachet. Then, we will have to keep it. For ground coffee or in paper pods, place your product in an airtight box or, failing that, a resealable plastic bag with a zip like a freezer bag for example.

Put your ground coffee in the fridge

Notice to large caffeine consumers! If you drink a lot of coffee, i.e. a 205 gram sachet in two weeks, you can place your ground coffee in a tupperware or a similar box before putting it in the fridge. On the contrary, if you only drink coffee occasionally, freeze it! You will thus maintain its aromas better. Do not forget to take it out so that it returns to room temperature before putting it in your coffee maker.

Place your coffee beans in the refrigerator

Coffee beans oxidize much less quickly than ground coffee and therefore keep better naturally. However, in order for it to keep its original taste, it is in your best interest to place it in the refrigerator, in a tightly closed box.

Store your capsules well

Side capsules, there is not really any constraint since the coffee is well imprisoned so as not to alternate. You can therefore store them on a dedicated structure, even outdoors. Be careful not to place it in direct sunlight.