The wax in the decoration

The wax in the decoration

1.Waxin Deco ring cushion cover, 27 euros 2.Jasmine Bâmundi cloth table napkin, 1.96 euros 3.Wax plates (by 3) Sentou Edition, 17 euros 4.Wax Mania Betjeman & Barton tea box, 12 , 80 euros 5. La Redoute Interieurs pure cotton duvet cover, 16.19 euros 6. Lampshade in African fabric Turn on the Marcel lamp, 45 euros 7.Wax Keur stool, 150 euros 8.Waxin Deco notebook, 15 euros 9 Nature & Découvertes removable cushion, € 19.95 10. La Moussetache storage basket, € 14

The return of wax

For many years, the emblematic fabric of sub-Saharan Africa has been talked about. But today more than ever, he is back on top of the trend! At once cheerful, colorful and varied, this ethnic print is perfect for bringing the little touch of madness that was missing in your interior. Want a change of scenery? So before ruining your savings account and hopping on a plane, start with a touch of wax. These patterns, true symbols of Africa, are the ideal way to illuminate your decor without overdoing it. It's decided, back to school 2016 will be done with wax, or not done!

Wax in all its forms

To achieve a coherent and warm decor thanks to the famous fabric, the secret is to bring small subtle touches. And the choice is vast, between napkins, tea boxes, notebooks, plates, stools, plaids, lamps or cushions, there will be something for everyone. In short, don't worry, the accessory you are looking for probably exists in a wax version. Enough to satisfy your desires for exoticism. Here are some tips to bring one of the jewels of the African tradition into your home. Hope that the bright colors will warm up your long winter evenings!