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Zoom on the outdoor cushions

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Synonymous with comfort and relaxation, the cushion is the ultimate cozy accessory. Commonly used indoors, the cushion is also a great ally to create a cozy nest outdoors. How to choose cushions suitable for garden furniture? Which models for which decorative styles? What material should be preferred for easy maintenance? Find out everything you need to know about outdoor cushions!

The ultimate cozy garden accessory

Indoors, the cushion is the privileged accessory to bring a cocooning touch to its decoration. Outside, it's the same thing! We like to accumulate cushions of various shapes and colors on the garden sofa, on a hammock, on chairs or even on the floor to create a relaxation area on the terrace or near a swimming pool. One thing is certain, the outdoor cushions help create a haven of peace in summer and winter. If on sunny days, we adopt cushions with light materials and sunny tones, we prefer cushions with thicker materials and warmer colors to warm the decor in winter. In terms of decor, the most modern exteriors can bet on plain or striped cushions to ensure flawlessness. For a bohemian atmosphere, colors and patterns of all kinds are essential for a most successful mix and match. Plant, geometric, ethnic, oriental prints… Dare the colorful effect and complete your decor with outdoor rugs! As for country-style gardens, pastel shades, floral patterns and natural materials are perfect for a garden full of poetry and sweetness!

How to choose an outdoor cushion?

We teach you nothing, the garden furniture is very diverse. Sofa, chairs, bench, hammock, deckchair ... The outdoor cushions must adapt perfectly to your furniture to avoid false notes. Around the garden table for example, it is in your interest to choose seat cushions as well as back cushions for incomparable comfort. On a hammock or an outdoor hanging chair, we like the idea of ​​creating a cascade of soft cushions for a perfect invitation to idleness! On a deckchair, the addition of a quilted cushion is also a luxury to indulge in a nap in optimal conditions. Beyond the decorative style, the colors and patterns and the shape, the choice of outdoor cushions depends mainly on their materials. Because, between the sun, the heat, the rain and the frost, the outdoor cushions are subjected to severe tests. The ideal is to choose a material designed for the exterior like Sunbrella canvas, a marine canvas that resists water, UV rays and mold at the same time! If the purchase cost is higher, this type of cushion ensures easy maintenance and colors that last over time! Finally, remember to choose models of removable cushions. Not only will this be more practical since you will be able to wash them in the machine, but you will also be able to change your cushion covers according to your mood and the season! And to be sure not to damage your outdoor cushions during bad weather, you can always provide a storage chest!