How can you bring a vintage touch to your interior without looking dated?

How can you bring a vintage touch to your interior without looking dated?

You love period objects and retro pieces but you don't know how to adopt them at home? Or do you like vintage style and Nordic and refined decoration? What if we told you that these styles were not inseparable? We prove to you that with a little daring and the respect of a few basic decoration rules, it is possible to bring a vintage touch to your interior without doing too much! Discover our tips for a trendy and not tacky vintage decor!

1. Mixing times

© Chic Rentals Do you like the retro spirit and vintage decoration? To adopt it in your interior without overdoing it, you must mix the eras. In other words, you can combine retro objects with more modern pieces! Because, if you make your interior a museum of vintage objects, you can be sure that the result will be a cheesy brown ... The idea is to choose some vintage trinkets - which have a story to tell - and combine them with more contemporary pieces. We imagine, for example, a rattan mirror surrounded by more modern frames and posters. You will see, your mirror will be highlighted and will catch the eye if it is surrounded by more modern wall decorations. You can also choose two or three flagship pieces of retro style that will perfectly twist a more sober and refined interior. If you dare not embark on vintage decoration, this is an ideal way to start off gently‚Ķ

2. Make new with old

© Lilibroc For a vintage and trendy interior, it is imperative to bet on recycling. Polish as much as you can to find the rare pearls and retype them afterwards. And with the rise of vintage shops (even online like brocantelab in particular), you have no excuse if you are not a specialist in flea markets and clearance sales. Anyway, the recovery allows you to customize an object of yesteryear to give it a second youth. Not only will it give character to your interior, but you will also save money! And what could be more pleasant than the feeling of having gotten your hands dirty? In practice, you can, for example, hunt for an old dresser that you can paint with a more electric color to enhance it. You can even use scraps of wallpaper to boldly dress the shelves! In the same way, you can fall for old bistro chairs and play the mismatched card for an ultra trendy result. Paint them in different colors or have fun customizing the chair legs! You understand, it is enough to have a little imagination ...

3. Match the right colors

© Red Edition Last tip for a vintage but not old-fashioned design: the right combination of colors. Again, avoid falling into the trap of too much by multiplying pop colors and graphic patterns. Concentrate on one or two bright and imposing colors and temper the rest of your decoration with more neutral colors. If you opt for a retro orange sofa, contrast the rest of your furniture with more natural colors such as wood, white or gray. The goal is to breathe vintage air in small touches‚Ķ