How to clean your fan?

How to clean your fan?

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The most useful device of the summer would need to be cleaned before use. Yes, but how can you clean your fan efficiently and above all safely at home? The editor gives you his advice to clean and fully use your device in summer.

Why clean your fan?

This handy device to cool off when the heat rises constantly collects dust on its blades and inside its grill. However, nobody wants to receive fresh air loaded with fine particles in the face! This is why it is essential to clean your device well before use to avoid breathing dust during the day.

Cleaning a ceiling fan

Fan off, attack the long blades with a soft cloth. Hoisted on a very stable high chair (beware of loss of balance), gently fan the fan, before carefully washing the blades with a sponge soaked in hot water mixed with Marseille soap. Once the device is completely dry, wipe it again with the cloth. If tiny stuck debris remains, we draw the long-haired brush to recover it!

Clean a foot fan

For a foot fan, you don't just turn it off, but unplug it to avoid any unfortunate incident, then carefully unscrew the grille (see the device's instruction manual). Once your fan is boned, gently vacuum. During this time, prepare a basin of hot water decorated with Marseille soap, and let it float the various spare parts of the device. Then rinse the parts with clean water and make sure to dry them well with a towel (watch out for humidity!). Finally, place with a soft cloth.

The trick to know: nylon tights

Nylon has this quality of effectively capturing dust. If you don't have a rag, use old damaged tights that you will throw away. If you wish, attach a nylon stocking on the handle of a feather duster to reach the difficult areas of your fan.