How to optimize a small entry?

How to optimize a small entry?

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The entrance is often a neglected or even cluttered room… However with a few good ideas and adequate storage, this small space can become pleasant and immediately give your guests a good impression. Corinne Kuperberg, author of the book "Les Petites Surfaces", gives us her advice to better organize her little entrance.

Opt for shallow furniture

The first thing to think about is using shallow furniture. We think of shoe cabinets, some of which at Ikea are really small, but also of small tables or consoles, various storage boxes…

Make the best use of the walls

It's the largest area you have, optimize it! Think of the coat hooks of which some models are really very design, the hooks, the shelves ... Place mirrors which will give a visual impression of larger space. Choose rather light colors for the walls so as not to accentuate the "box" side that an entrance can sometimes have.

Be creative!

Finally, dig your head to take advantage of your little entrance. If the ceiling height is sufficient, create a double ceiling in which you can store objects. If the entrance is very small, place a rod between two walls on which you can hang the coats for example. With a few good ideas and a little elbow grease, it's always possible to optimize your little starter! And for more ideas: Small Surfaces

Corinne Kuperberg Published September 2008 Editions Fleurus 14.90 euros