5 plaids, 5 decorative styles for the living room

5 plaids, 5 decorative styles for the living room

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Winter star object, the plaid has become essential in all interiors. You snuggle up on the living room sofa to read a book, roll up there to warm up and carry it around the house. In a few words, it is our best ally to face the coldest days. And with each decorative style, its type of plaid! Discover our selection of trendy plaids for a most pampering winter ... So, are you more like Japandi, bohemian or Art Deco plaid?

1. Japandi Lounge

© tineKhome Halfway between Scandinavian decoration and the Japanese spirit, the Japandi style makes a remarkable entry into our interiors for autumn-winter 2018-19. More than just a style, it is a philosophy of life. It results in simple, functional and comfortable furniture, timeless and handcrafted objects but above all in natural and durable materials. To introduce this most relaxing spirit from your sofa, you just need to adopt a plaid with the characteristics of this style. Like this model signed tineKhome entirely designed in organic linen. As for its colors (pink and ecru), they blend perfectly to give a little softness to your living room…

2. Glamorous Art Deco Lounge

© Maisons du Monde In 2018, the Art Deco style was much talked about. Even if we appreciate its noble materials and its retro curves, the Art Deco style is not always the warmest. Never mind, it is reinventing itself this year and offering a more feminine face. In the living room, he welcomes warmer and more earthy hues like plum, powder pink, grape leaves and hints of red. On the material side, velvet is to be preferred to bring softness, voluptuousness and intensity in a boudoir-type living room. In addition to the cozy blanket, add cushions with faux fur and various patterns, dried flowers in pretty poetic vases, a golden mirror ... And you are ready to counter winter with sweetness and delicacy ...

3. Cozy living room

© Ohhio No doubt, knitting is the king of conviviality. So to face winter and its freezing evenings, what could be better than an XXL knitted blanket to warm the whole family? Made of merino wool, this Ohhio plaid is hypoallergenic! Not only will it become your best ally for your pampering evenings, but it will also set the tone for your living room. And yes, with its large stitches, it will not go unnoticed! The good news ? More than a blanket, this blanket moves in all the rooms of the house. You can imagine it as much on a sofa, as on a bed pier or even outside to enjoy hot chocolate bundled up on a balcony or terrace. So who says better?

4. Bohemian living room

© AliExpress The bohemian style continues to rise this winter. It must be said, there is nothing better to bring colors and good humor to the living room. To warm up your living room and give you a little balm at the heart, nuanced shades of red are definitely on the cards! As for the patterns, they seem to come straight from the end of the world. In any case, do not hesitate to accumulate cushions of various sizes, shapes and colors. Superimpose soft carpets and favor natural and exotic materials for the rest of the furniture. So, ready to travel from your sofa?

5. Salon hygge

© - Already this year, the word Hygge was on everyone's lips. Derived from the Scandinavian style, this trend from Denmark advocates "slow life". In other words, it consists of taking your time and enjoying your interior after a long day of work. And to do this, what could be better than a soft blanket? We fell for this model, it could not be more simple but so cozy. With its optimal thickness and incredible softness, it will become your second skin! Add candles for a dim light, take your favorite book and let yourself be carried away by the hygge attitude…