Reclaimed wood for my house

Reclaimed wood for my house

Recovery is trendy. Out the culture of disposable! Today, we recover, we repair, we divert and we revamp. Wood, a natural and recyclable material, fits perfectly into this ecological movement. Some ideas for new consumers.

What to do with pallets?

- A service Stack several pallets, screw them together, then sand. Add four casters. Then, a coat of paint and a layer of varnish, and here is a perfect sideboard for meals in the garden. - An industrial coffee table Remove any protruding nails and staples. Fill the holes with wood pulp. Sand the wood with an electric sander and then with sandpaper. Attach a caster at each bottom corner, then angles at the top edges. Varnish. It's over.

What to do with cases of wine?

- A table Use the pyrographed sides of the wine boxes. Assemble several to create the top of your table. Glue everything on a medium board. Make a frame with pieces of wood of your choice for a more neat finish. Attach four legs that you will connect to each other with wooden uprights to solidify the whole. - Shelves Sand and varnish several boxes and attach them to the wall in your kitchen. You have your spices there, for example. You can also paint or line the interior to make book shelves. - A lamp Make circular openings of different diameters using a hole saw all over the crate. Install an electric lighting device inside. And here is a nice table lamp that will project light circles on the floor and walls.

What to do with a Thonet-style chair?

- A pedestal table Divert three chair backs into three legs for an original pedestal table. Then just fix a tray.

What to do with tree branches?

- A pedestal table Use either several branches of trees that you will join together, or a pretty stump or root, remnant of the storm, for example. Attach a nice, well-polished wooden log to it. And here is a unique little side table. - A coat hook or a curtain rod Get a tree branch whose shape you like. Remove the bark and paint it with the color of your choice (it's very pretty in white). Attach it to the wall with two rod supports. If you make a hook, hang hooks on it to hang your clothes. If you make a rod, you just need to attach your knotted curtains to it.

What to do with a cable drum?

- A coffee table You just have to give it a little personality by decorating the top: with mosaic, veneer, metal… - A stool Paint the foot. Cover the top with a good thickness of foam then staple (from below) a nice piece of fabric.

What to do with a double ladder?

- A shelf Paint the ladder and then planks in bright colors. Place the boards across the ladder bars and secure them. And here is a large shelf for the kitchen, living room or office.

What to do with a cane?

- A staircase banister Just fix the rod with small curtain rod supports, for example. This will make a vintage ramp that could not be more original. More informations : To read: "Recover 'and diversion", Marie-Pierre Dubois Petroff, Massin. Website: take a look at the Spanish site