An Eiffel Tower as a collector's decorative object

An Eiffel Tower as a collector's decorative object

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The most visited monument in the world, the Eiffel Tower inspires creators. The Merci Gustave brand! revisit this mythical monument to make it a collector's decorative object: the Eiffel Colors Tower. The Iron Lady takes on a new youth and takes on colors for a limited series on the occasion of her 120th birthday. Blue, black, pink, golden, glittery or phosphorescent, it becomes a decorative accessory to have absolutely at home. A true collector's item for Parisians, the "Eiffel Tower Colors" have a height of 31.5 cm, made of a zinc alloy, they are delivered with a "lead" certification in a cardboard box with window and a handle of trimmings.

Our favorite colors:

Eiffel Tower Meadow : special "ecological attitude", the Green Tower invites the campaign to Parisians. Eiffel Tower Ham : the iron lady is adorned with pastel pink and will be perfect for a girly touch in the decor. Eiffel Tower Europa : in blue, it pays homage to Europe and all the member countries. Eiffel Tower Toro : the Tower sees red for a pop effect in the decor. > More info on