Decorative gift ideas for a housewarming party

Decorative gift ideas for a housewarming party

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Little price ? Ecological? Design? What decorative gifts to choose for a housewarming party? Here are some ideas for celebrating new accommodation and adapting it to suit your hosts.

For a green tenant or owner

If the recipient is affected by ecology and sustainable development, of course choose ecological decorative objects! Among the most popular materials, you will find the bamboo of course. Ekobo offers a whole range of bamboo kitchen objects combining aesthetics and naturally renewable materials: salad bowls, ramekins, lacquered bamboo boxes come in all colors. You can also explore other lesser known and certified sustainable development materials such as pevechouc , a recycled pvc. brindi for example offers placemats and coasters in this material which allows coloring and screen printing. es Good to know : these eco-designed and responsible objects are made by French artisans, and the creator of Brindi Aline Balbous, endeavors to promote reintegration actions through work and fair trade. You will therefore do a double good deed!

For a trendy designer host

You will be spoiled for choice, but with a preference for brands that highlight objects that are both design and practical. Because design is only worth it if you consume it every day! So you will turn to the side of home Fleux , The lounge chair or online stores such Absolutely design or Made in Design who must identify everything that is being done in this area. The practical option : opt for non-colors (black - white - metal) which will match any interior style on original and useful everyday objects such as clocks, coat hooks or photo frames.

For a housewarming party "We are young, we are beautiful but broke"

It will have to be a little tricky, but there are real discoveries to be made in the special and limited collections of large decoration stores. The Swedish giant's PS collection, for example, is full of inexpensive objects with an assertive design. In Casa ,
or Conforama , you will also find surprises at low prices that do not take away from the aesthetics, such as candles, vases, or even stickers ... The choice of style: many large brands today offer a catalog of objects classified by styles: zen atmosphere, ethnic inspiration, pop breath ... Enough to find in the blink of an eye the gift adapted to the style of your host See our selection of decorative gifts for an inspired housewarming!