Installing and connecting an outlet

Installing and connecting an outlet

Reminder of some rules

Like the conductors which serve to supply it, a socket must be adapted to the power of the device which it ensures connection. On this type of baseboards, it is possible to mount 10/16 A or 20 A sockets with earth. It is more comfortable and safer to have multiple sockets. But do not forget that the same circuit must not include more than five power points. In addition, if the installation is done underground or outside, the equipment used (plug and conduits) must imperatively be waterproof.

Surface or recessed installation?

The easy-to-use PVC skirtings prevail for their practicality. Easy to "open" thanks to their removable cover, they offer the possibility of adding one or more additional sockets afterwards. In the case of renovation work, it is therefore advisable to use it to replace the wooden rods that are now prohibited. Recessed installation, on the other hand, if it is more complex given the masonry work it entails, can be more attractive for its discretion.