Wedding: our inspirations for a romantic decor

Wedding: our inspirations for a romantic decor

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Pretty wooden hearts, to hang or hang

On this day dedicated to love, what could be better than hearts to retransmit the atmosphere? Cupid invites himself in the decoration of a romantic wedding to have here and there a few decorative hearts. Wood and rattan, red thread -color of love-, ribbon with gingham patterns to hang it ... We can only crack! Where to put them? To put or hang on the chairs of the church or the reception hall, on the windows, on trees, on a wall or beams ... You are spoiled for choice to adopt these little hearts for your decor. romantic wedding!

A light garland to decorate the photo corner

What could be more adorable than light garlands to decorate the reception hall of a romantic themed wedding? And what's more, they can be used as background decoration for your photo corner. Our decoration advice : complete your wall decoration with pennants and personalized garlands. And for the touch of madness, think of sliding a wall of Polaroid type photos that your guests can complete as the evening progresses…

100% romantic planters

Flowers are an integral part of wedding decoration. Especially if it's a romantic wedding. To highlight your favorite flowers, you need to choose plant pots that blend in with the decor. In metal to ask, ceramic hanging, you are spoiled for choice. How to adopt it? If your reception room contains beams, this will be ideal for hanging them. But you can also opt for wall supports provided for this purpose. Finally, nothing prevents you from hanging them on trees if your little party takes place outdoors!

Wooden boxes, to put your decor

It may seem odd but wooden cases have their place in a romantic wedding! Indeed, the wooden case can prove to be a charming decorative asset in the reception room. We imagine it arranged upside down on a sideboard to create differences in levels and give volume to the table. Placed on the ground, it can act as a planter and showcase floral creations ... The icing on the cake ? Your boxes can be recycled as storage in your cozy nest!

Illuminated centerpieces

If you have the chance to celebrate your union in the middle of summer, you risk planning an outdoor reception. And we envy you! Because it is the ideal place to create a subdued and poetic light after dark. How? 'Or' What ? By having light garlands in recovered jars, but also in trees, on a facade, on a fence or a fence… The possibilities are numerous! Bright animation: to liven up the wedding dinner, some people fall in love with fireworks but if you want a more romantic animation, we can only advise you to let go of celestial lanterns. Guaranteed magical atmosphere…

Pretty transparent soliflores

You never have enough vases for a wedding decoration. And for good reason, we find it on table decoration, buffets, on shelves ... In short, everywhere! If your wedding theme is romantic, prefer soliflores to larger vases. In any case, white flowers combined with shades of pink will be perfect for a romantic wedding. The idea to copy : for a natural and delicate decoration, arrange wooden logs as trays to present your pretty vases. DIY enthusiasts can also personalize the vases with lace placemats!

A decorative shelf ladder

Romantic but bucolic! This is the atmosphere you want to reign through your wedding decoration. If you recognize yourself, this decorative ladder is made for you! It finds its place indoors or outdoors and you will have some decorative accessories. Light garland, flower wreaths, vases and soliflores ... The good news? You can easily reuse this scale outside of your marriage. In your kitchen to store your aromatic plants or in a bathroom to store all the beauty products!

A pretty, ultra romantic bird cage

Combining a rustic and romantic spirit, the bird cage will create a sensation for a wedding decor worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales. But this time, the cage does not contain birds. It vegetates, lights up and personalizes. In fact, it becomes a decorative object in its own right ... How to divert it? Flowered as on this pretty inspiration, in the center of the table, in a lantern with candles, as a wedding urn for the touch of originality ... Let your imagination run wild!