Towel Folding: The Winged Orchid

Towel Folding: The Winged Orchid

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A real flower on your plate! With this very elegant towel folding your guests will be impressed. And yet it remains very affordable and fairly easy to carry out.

What you need to fold the winged orchid towel

- 1 unfolded towel (which you can find on - 1 white orchid (which you can find on

Folding in photos

Step 1

Gather the necessary items: 1 unfolded towel, 1 white orchid

2nd step

Fold the towel in 2 diagonally

Stage 3

Fold in half again

Step 4

Fold the 1st side in accordion with a folding width of about 2 cm

Step 5

Turn the assembly over and reproduce the same folding with the other side

Step 6

Pinch the base and spread the fold to form a wing

Step 7

To maintain the folding, form a "U" with the metal rod of the orchid then slide the base of the towel

Step 8

Spread well all the folds then place the napkin on the plate to the delight of the eyes!

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