How to arrange a very small kitchen?

How to arrange a very small kitchen?

To make up for the lack of space in the kitchen, there is clutter ... or space-saving tips. High storage, modular solutions, functional ideas and smart kitchen furniture ... we take stock of tips and tricks to develop a very small kitchen ... which has everything great!

Our tips:

- The art of storage to arrange a very small kitchen - Exploit every nook and cranny of a very small kitchen - Arrange a small kitchen using smart furniture - A small kitchen, small appliances! - Small kitchens: playing with colors, light and materials

1. The art of storage to furnish a very small kitchen

Reconciling small cuisine and great gastronomy: impossible? The great Japanese chefs have shown us the opposite. Their secret? Mastery of the subtle and delicate art of storage. Developing a very small kitchen begins with these few precepts accompanied by an ounce of organization: * The emptiness you will make: sobriety is your watchword! Don't be overwhelmed by bulky furniture, unnecessary accessories and wartime food stocks. To arrange a very small kitchen, purify, give, sort, sell, de-clutter, make the vacuum ... You breathe immediately better (and not only the appetizing smells of vegetables au gratin in the oven) ... * Orderly you will be: everything has its own place… and your tiny kitchen will only be visually larger and really more practical and functional.

2. Exploit every nook and cranny of a small kitchen

Having a very small kitchen does not prevent you from having great ideas. To free up the maximum space on the floor while virtually enlarging the kitchen, we put on the height (yes, the whole height) and we exploit every nook and cranny of his kitchen. Depending on your space, you can: * Install cupboards up to the ceiling: to optimize the use of the worktop as much as possible. * Opt for open and hanging storage: a practical (and aesthetic) tip to arrange your small kitchen without saturating the floor space. * Multiply smart storage: wall bar, magnetic credenza, sliding baskets, drawer organizers and wall storage elements push the limits of your very small kitchen. * Arrange plinths: a lost space which can house drawers (yes, yes!). * Place shelves above windows or in vacant corners: you understand, no square meter should escape you…

3. Develop a small kitchen using smart furniture

Because every square meter counts, we put on functional and clever furniture to furnish our very small kitchen. In the ranks of clever kitchen furniture: * The retractable and retractable table: its flap fixed to the wall folds and unfolds in the blink of an eye to improvise a dining area in your very small kitchen. * The mobile kitchen island: perfect for cooking alone and / or with the family without saturating your work plan. * The trolley on wheels: a nice extra piece of furniture to have everything at hand. * Folding chairs: to hang on the wall at the end of the meal. * Tailor-made solutions: advice to those who want to arrange a small kitchen to the millimeter.

4. A small kitchen: small appliances!

Kitchen designers use and abuse many subterfuges to gain space in the kitchen. Exit the coffee maker "like at the bar" which clogs the worktop. Make way for small multifunction appliances and save space. Mini version dishwasher (45 cm wide), XS refrigerator, compact oven, ultra-flat hood, mini food processor and pocket mixer are all solutions for a small kitchen without clutter. To make your small household appliance even more discreet, you can also bet on integrated solutions (integrated refrigerator, built-in oven etc.) and 2 in 1 (combined oven and microwave, etc.)… Impression of unity and space key!

5. Small kitchens: playing with colors, light and materials

Light and bright shades have the power to visually enlarge a cramped kitchen. The careful lighting gives the illusion of a larger kitchen. When the square meters are counted in the kitchen, there is no hesitation in pushing the walls… by playing with colors, light and materials, quite simply. * In terms of colors: we use and abuse light and bright shades to furnish our very small kitchen. Light gray, white and pastel will prevail over dark shades. * Lighting side: we multiply the luminous halos. Wall lamps, adjustable spotlights and suspensions are fixed to the wall, ceiling and furniture without cluttering the space. * Material side: we adopt the lacquered and / or satin finishes which capture the light and enlarge the space via a nice play of mirror effect. With these 5 space-saving tips, your very small kitchen has everything it needs.