Wooden decoration: how to adopt it?

Wooden decoration: how to adopt it?

Why fall in love with wooden decor?

Indoors and outdoors, wood is a material that appears everywhere in the decoration, and which is especially timeless. This natural material has the chic to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in any interior, whether in an apartment or in a house. Noble and authentic, there are so many varieties of wood that you will inevitably find the wood that matches our desires Paneling, beams, parquet floors, decorative items…

In light or raw wood, in fir or oak, in total look or in a small touch: the choice is yours what wooden decoration suits you.

Another detail that is important: in addition to its aesthetic qualities, wood is also a very good thermal insulator.

A Scandinavian-inspired wooden decoration

When we think wooden decor, we very often have the image of a Scandinavian chalet or house, with a decoration entirely made of wood, from floor to ceiling.

The Scandinavian trend plays an important role in the attractiveness of wood decor fans. Light wooden furniture, chevron parquet, exposed beams but also wooden objects like deer heads like DIY or shelves… Here are some typical elements of Scandinavian decoration.

Wood combines perfectly with very neutral colors, such as gray, white or black, which are found a lot in Scandinavian style interiors.

In a small space, we opt for white wood. This creates a bright interior and gives the impression that the walls have been pushed. You can come and warm up your interior with decorative wooden objects and a few splashes of color.

A wooden decoration for an interior close to nature

Natural material par excellence, wood is used in particular for parquet floors or for covering walls for its qualities of thermal insulation.

If you are renting or do not want to end up with paneled walls, you can also integrate some wooden decorative elements to create a very “natural” interior.

For decoration inspired by the seaside, think of driftwood. If you do not live by the ocean, decoration or DIY stores offer a multitude of decorative objects in driftwood: bedside lamp with a driftwood foot, shelves, coat hooks ...

If you prefer to have a more boho decoration, combine your light wood furniture with natural fibers such as rattan: rattan armchairs like Emmanuelle, baskets, sun mirrors… You are spoiled for choice.

Caning on cupboards, tables or armchairs adds a retro touch to your wooden furniture, while keeping this “natural” aspect.

A decoration in raw wood for an artisanal decoration.

With the return of naturalness in our interiors, raw wood is very trendy, especially for furniture.

Raw wood furniture often have an authentic, almost artisanal side. It is a type of decoration particularly suitable for a house, for a “country house” spirit. Handcrafted wooden furniture can also be suitable for a more industrial interior, provided there is space.

In bathroom furniture, to accommodate a sink, console way established in an entry or large dining table, it is the artisanal aspect that prevails.

It is precisely in the imperfection and irregularity of the wood that we come to create furniture with character.

A wooden decoration for the exterior of the house

The wooden decoration also finds its place outdoors, in the heart of nature. However, be sure to favor wood that withstands weather conditions and other outdoor conditions such as cold, sun or humidity.

Among the woods suitable for outdoor use, we find pine or teak. They are suitable for creating a terrace, for mounting a pergola or for a new garden furniture.

If you choose a wood that is suitable for outdoor use, you will not need to treat it regularly. If necessary, a little oil or wood varnish will awaken the colors of the chosen wood.