Organize a treasure hunt in your garden

Organize a treasure hunt in your garden

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A treasure hunt ... Just say these few words so that the eyes of the little ones light up with happiness! How to make a treasure that will make an impression? What clues should you scatter in your garden? What are the tricks to channel the excitement of children? Discover the secrets of a successful treasure hunt!

I make a real pirate treasure!

All the filibusters know it: no treasure without a chest worthy of the name! To make your own, cover a cardboard box with brown paper towels, which you will fix with a glitter polish. The illusion of old wood will be perfect! Then get a lot of fake gold coins from a disguise shop, which you will have inside your trunk. The little extra: a human polystyrene skull and some rubber snakes, bought in a joke shop! A successful treasure hunt demands his dose of adrenaline…

Get your tutorials to make a pretty wooden chest full of treasures!

I hide the treasure in my garden!

This is where everything is played out! Bury the treasure under a thin layer of soil, in a part of your garden that is not afraid of being walked on by children. It would be a shame to sacrifice your precious roses! Then dispatch a dozen aged paper cards, on which you will have previously written clues in the form of riddles. You will take care to measure the level of difficulty of the puzzles proposed, according to the age of the participants. If the clues are scattered in the garden, do not hesitate to add here and there elements of pirate decoration: here a stuffed parrot, there a plastic saber, here a compass, etc. Treasure hunting in your garden can now begin.

Is it more difficult to find the riddles or to decipher them?

I lead the treasure hunt!

Keep in mind that children's excitement will be at its peak! What is more electrifying than a treasure hunt in a garden nicely decorated for the occasion? It is therefore better to keep an eye on things and seek the help of a few volunteer parents. A ratio of 5 children per adult is an ideal figure: it makes it possible to form teams, each being placed under the authority of a responsible person. Despite these precautions, you may have surprises: the excitement is contagious, adults have a surprising tendency to fall back into childhood!

To perfect it all, do not hesitate to play the pirate decor card thoroughly!