Green decor in the kitchen

Green decor in the kitchen

What shades of green to choose? How to paint the walls? What textures to combine with green accessories? All the answers to your questions about green cooking are here. No doubt at the end of this article you will roll out the red carpet in the flagship color of the year 2017.

What shade of green to choose?

Although Pantone has elected the Greenery (a chlorophyll green) as the color of the year, don't be afraid to deviate from it by opting for shades of green that are less flashy. Note that verdigris goes everywhere, that dark green harmonizes masterfully well with lime green, and that almond green can stand on its own. In any case, the good idea may be to mix the colors! Mixing several shades allows you to play with light and avoids getting bored!

Soft and delicate, the verdigris of this Farrow & Ball wallpaper highlights the kitchen

Green walls for the kitchen

Even if you want a green kitchen, you might as well go there by painting one, two, three, or even four walls. Several options are available to you: * Paint a wall with a single shade of green. * Paint a wall or more 3/4. Ideal if you have a lot of ceiling height. * Paint a thick frieze at the height of the kitchen furniture (dining table and worktop) * Paint a base. In this case, note that it is important that the dark color is applied on the lower part of the wall, and the lighter one on the upper part. * Stick wallpaper with botanical, forest or exotic prints.

A single wall painted in light green brings softness and serenity to the kitchen!

Green kitchen accessories

Also go green with your kitchen accessories! Crockery, glass or ceramic, utensils, household appliances, stools, chairs, trash can ... Do not hesitate, and play on textures, especially since all the shades of green go perfectly with light wood, stainless steel and marble. Do not get rid of your blue and yellow kitchen accessories which go very well with green. Result? A natural atmosphere in the kitchen that makes you want to cook good, healthy and delicious dishes.

Chairs tuned to the green of the kitchen furniture and voila!