4 ideas to install a light garland in a bedroom

4 ideas to install a light garland in a bedroom

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Decorative object and light source, the light garland has more than one trick in its bag to illuminate the space in style. The latter will brilliantly make the sleeping area cozy to feel like in a cocoon. Focus on four simple but effective alternatives for installing this light element in a bedroom.

The light garland to frame and highlight

Often hung on the walls, the light garland can come out of the frames to… better frame certain spaces to delicately highlight. In the bedroom, the light garland redraws the contours of the bed frame to create a romantic atmosphere above the matrimonial bed, or accompany the sweet dreams full of enchantment of the little ones. If it is not the bed frame, it can be the bookcase or even the window. In a child's bedroom, hanging several light garlands on the ceilings will create a sublime starry sky effect!

A colorful paper garland to decorate the bedroom walls with gaiety!

String lights in the form of words or animals

For the little ones or the big dreamers, we use the light garland to draw on the walls. Light and flexible, the latter can be customized to create geometric symbols, animals or natural shapes. A big cloud, a small fish, a star, a heart ... In this graphic setting the only limit remains your imagination! The light garland is fixed using small nails or jumper hooks to illuminate the space and serve as a night light. An invitation to dream that goes on and on to bring a touch of poetry to the bedroom.

Light garlands ideal to accompany the nights of the little ones!

Light garlands as a jumble in the bedroom

Teenagers love to collect photos, postcards, posters or drawings on the walls of their bedroom. The string lights can make their way between all these fetishes to create a delicate scene. In the baby's room, a light garland can be used as a display for his first photos. Small clothespins or adhesive tapes then allow you to hang the desired visuals without damaging the walls of the room.

A photo wall, yes, but a luminous photo wall: three times yes!

Bright containers with garlands for a cozy bedroom

Another alternative for decorating a room with light garlands is to place them in a transparent container. The glass surface (or imitation) will reflect the lights and multiply the light effect. Thus, a jar of jam, a vase or even a salad bowl can find their place in your room, creating a warm atmosphere. For even more originality, you can garnish with your light garland even more unusual objects such as a bird cage! Let your recovered spirit speak!

In no time, put a few stars in the decoration of your room!